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Real Estate

The real estate market is a classic area for investment and offers a wide range of opportunities. We specialize in investing in high-yield and high-growth real estate projects. This includes, for example, project developments, refurbishments of existing properties or leasing of commercial properties. In doing so, long-term orientation and asset protection are very important to us.

Strategic participation

Our focus in the area of strategic investments is on promising companies in promising industries. We invest in companies at various stages of development and actively support their growth. We advise our portfolio companies and use our network to create synergies and maximize success.

Renewable energies

Renewable energies are an important sector in today's world and offer attractive investment opportunities. We invest primarily in projects in the field of solar energy as well as energy storage. In doing so, we pay particular attention to sustainability and environmental compatibility.

Professional equestrian

The sale of horses in Germany is a promising business segment with an impressive turnover of almost 886 million euros. Around 90 million euros are generated through auctions and investors can achieve returns of up to 30 percent. Although professional equestrian sport is often regarded as an exclusive sport, it also offers an attractive alternative for investors. Breeding, training and competitions require high investments, but successful horses can generate considerable profits at major races and auctions.

We create long-term value by providing patient capital and operational support to passionate founders who build sustainable, transformative, and successful digital businesses that improve people's lives.

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